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The whole process of foreign trade business and document operation

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(Summary description)1. Customer Inquiries: Generally before the customer places a perchaseOrder, there will be related OrderInquiry to the business department to understand some details. 2. Quotation: The business department responds to customer inquiries in a timely manner to determine the product name, model, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type, etc., and formalaInvoice makes a formal quotation to the customer.

The whole process of foreign trade business and document operation

(Summary description)1. Customer Inquiries: Generally before the customer places a perchaseOrder, there will be related OrderInquiry to the business department to understand some details.
2. Quotation: The business department responds to customer inquiries in a timely manner to determine the product name, model, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type, etc., and formalaInvoice makes a formal quotation to the customer.

  • Categories:Industry knowledge
  • Author:Webmaster
  • Origin:This site
  • Time of issue:2018-09-23 08:44
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1. Customer Inquiries: Generally, before the customer places a perchase order, there will be related Order Inquiry to the business department to understand some details.
2. Quotation: The business department responds to customer inquiries in a timely manner to determine the product name, model, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type, etc., and formalform Invoice makes a formal quotation to the customer.
3. Get the order: After negotiation, we receive the customer's formal order perchase Order.
4. Place production order: After receiving the customer's order confirmation, place an order with the factory and arrange the production plan.
5. Business approval: After receiving the order, the business department first makes a business review form. Fill in the items of the "Export Contract Review Form" truthfully, and list all kinds of estimated expenses as much as possible. Contract approval should be accompanied by a fax of the customer's order and the purchase contract with the factory. The audit form should be signed by the salesman, approved by the department manager, and then submitted to the management department for review before execution. If the amount is large or there are terms such as advance payment and commission, it must be approved by the company's general manager. After the contract is approved, a sales order is made and handed over to the departmental process officer for follow-up.
6. Release of production notification: After the delivery department has determined the delivery date, it can issue a production notification to notify the factory to produce on time:
6.1: For L / C payment customers, it is usually confirmed that L / C has been received 1 month before the delivery date. After receiving L / C, the salesman and the documentary officer should review the letter of credit and check whether it exists Errors, whether the delivery time can be guaranteed, and other possible problems. If there are any problems, please ask the customer to change the card immediately.
6.2: If the customer is T / T payment, confirm that the deposit has been received.
6.3: If you are a customer of deposit, or receive foreign exchange through bank D / A, etc., the manager needs to confirm.
7. Inspection:
7.1: One week before the delivery date, the company inspector shall be notified for inspection.
7.2: If the customer wants to inspect the goods by himself or the designated inspector, one week before the delivery date, the customer should check the goods and inform the planning department of the inspection date.
7.3: If the customer designates a third-party inspection company or fair inspection, please contact the inspection company two weeks before the delivery date, make an appointment for the inspection time, and ensure that the time is arranged before the delivery period. The factory will be notified when the inspection time is confirmed.
8. Prepare basic documents. Packing information provided by the factory, production of export contracts, export commercial invoices, packing lists and other documents (should be produced by the business follower and handed to the documenter).
9. Commodity inspection: If it is a national statutory commodity inspection product, when you place an order with the factory, you must explain the commodity inspection requirements, and provide the export contract, invoice and other information required for commodity inspection. In addition, it is necessary to tell the factory the export port of future products, so that the factory can handle the commodity inspection. You should get the voucher / article for commodity inspection and replacement certificate one week before delivery.
10. Chartering:
10.1. If the contract signed with the customer is FOB CHINA, usually the customer will designate a shipping agency or shipping company. Should contact the freight forwarder as soon as possible to inform the intention of delivery, understand the export ports to be arranged, the schedule, etc. Q confirm whether the factory delivery can be at least one week before the sailing date and whether the schedule can meet the customer's delivery Delivery time. Written ING ORDER should be issued to the freight company two weeks before the delivery date, and the order confirmation paper can usually be obtained one week before the ship starts.
10.2. If the freight is paid by the seller, the shipping company or shipping company should be consulted as soon as possible about the schedule, freight rate, port of departure, etc. After comparison, choose the shipping company with favorable price, good reputation and suitable shipping schedule, and tell the salesman to inform the guests. If the customer does not agree, please choose another shipping company approved by the customer. Positions were written in writing two weeks before sailing, the procedure is the same as above.
10.3. If the cargo is not enough for a small cabinet, when you need to go bulk, order the bulk cargo warehouse from the freight forwarding company. When you get the warehouse receipt paper, you also need to know the cut-off time, customs clearance requirements, and so on.
10.4. When ordering a warehouse with a transportation company, you must fax a written warehouse booking document stating the scheduled shipping date, cabinet type and quantity, and port of destination to avoid errors.
11. Arrange the cabinet:
11.1. After the goods are ready and inspected, the trailer company is commissioned to lift and load the containers. The towing company should choose a company that is safe, reliable and reasonably priced to sign a long-term cooperation agreement to ensure safety and punctuality. The following information should be faxed to the towing company: confirmation of ordering / putting paper, shipping company, ordering number, ordering letter of ordering, indicating the loading time, type and quantity of the container, loading address, customs broker, and shipping Port etc. If there is an inspection company to see the packing, you must make a special statement, and you must not be late. And requested to return a copy of the information on the counter, listing the counter number, license plate number, driver and contact phone number, etc.
11.2. Fax a copy of the loading information to the factory, listing the loading time, cabinet type, order number, order number, license plate number, and phone number of the driver.
11.3. The factory is required to fax a loading notice to the business department as soon as possible after the container leaves the factory, stating the time of the container leaving the factory, the actual loading quantity, etc., and keeping the packing number and seal number as the bill of lading information. It is required to remember to put the seal after the factory packing.
12. Entrusted customs declaration: At the same time as dragging the counter, submit the required customs declaration information to the cooperating customs declaration bank, and entrust the export declaration and the customs inspection and customs exchange order. Usually two days are required for customs declaration (before the ship is closed). When entrusting customs declaration, a packing information should be provided, including the loaded cargo and quantity, port, shipping company, order number, cabinet number, ship opening and closing time, trailer company, cabinet type and quantity, and the company's contact People and phones.
13. Obtain shipping documents:
13.1. Fax the contents of the bill of lading to the shipping company or freight forwarder no later than two days after sailing. The replenishment should be done according to the requirements of the L / C or the customer, and the correct quantity of the cargo should be given, as well as some special requirements, including the shipping certificate that requires the shipping company to accompany the bill of lading.
13.2. Urge shipping companies to issue bill of lading models and freight bills as soon as possible. After carefully checking the samples, the bill of lading was confirmed in writing to the shipping company. If the bill of lading needs to be confirmed by the customer, the model of the bill of lading should be faxed to the customer first, and the shipping company will be required to issue an original after confirmation.
13.3. Pay the miscellaneous charges in time, and notify the shipping company to obtain the bill of lading and other transportation documents in time after payment. Payment should be made for registration.
14. Prepare other documents
14.1. Commercial Invoice: Among the documents required by L / C, commercial invoice is the most stringent. The date of the invoice must be determined after the date of issue and before the delivery date. The description of the goods in the invoice must be exactly the same as on the L / C, and the lowercase and uppercase amounts must be correct. The terms of the invoice on L / C should be displayed, and gimmicks should be displayed. If the invoice needs to be certified by the other embassy, ??it is usually processed 20 days in advance.
14.2. FORMA certificate of origin: FORM A certificate of origin must be applied to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau before shipment. Please note that the shipping date should be before the L / C delivery date and the ship date, and after the invoice date. If the application cannot be processed before delivery, a certificate must be issued after the application, and documents such as customs declaration and bill of lading must be provided. For goods transshipped in Hong Kong, the FORM A certificate usually needs to be signed at the China Commodity Inspection Corporation in Hong Kong to prove that the goods have not been reprocessed in Hong Kong.
14.3. General Certificate of Origin: General Certificate of Origin can be obtained at the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, with lower requirements. Can be replenished within a short time after shipment. If the certificate of origin is to be signed by the embassy, ??it must be processed 20 days in advance like the invoice.
14.4. Shipping notice: Generally, it is required to notify the customer of the shipping details within a few days after sailing, including the name of the ship, the number of flights, the date of departure, the estimated date of arrival, the cargo and quantity, the amount, the number of packages, the shipping marks, Agents at the port of destination. Sometimes L / C requires proof of delivery, such as fax report, letter of delivery, etc. Please pay attention to the time required by the customer.
14.5. Packing list: The packing list should clearly indicate the packing of the goods. To display the quantity of each box, gross weight, net weight of each box, outer box size. The total volume calculated according to the size of the outer box must be consistent with the indicated total volume. The hoe and box number should be displayed so that guests can find it easily. The weight and volume of the packing list must match the bill of lading.
15. bill:
15.1. If L / C is used to collect foreign exchange, you should prepare a full set of documents within the specified time for presentation, and strictly review the documents to ensure that there are no errors before submitting to the bank for negotiation.
15.2. If T / T is used to collect foreign exchange, the bill of lading will be faxed to the customer as soon as the bill of lading is obtained, and the original bill of lading and other documents will be sent to the customer after confirming that the balance is received.
15.3. If T / T collects foreign exchange, you need to collect the full amount to make the counter. You must wait for the receipt before arranging to drag the counter. After receiving the bill of lading, you can send the original bill of lading to the customer immediately.
16. Business registration: Each export business must be registered in a timely manner after completion, including computer registration and written registration to facilitate future inquiry and statistics.
17. Document archiving: All documents, L / C and negotiation documents must be kept in a complete set for future reference.
18. The documentary officer should pay attention to collecting information such as changes in freight rates, shipping schedules, routes, etc. to help the salesperson quote.

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